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Tag Archive: organic

Seven Powerful Ways to Green Your Family Guilt-Free
March 23, 2017 2:00 pm | by

Whether it’s diapering or recycling, we all have some level of ” green guilt ” surrounding our family’s use of resources and exposure to toxins. Fortunately, there are a few very easy ways to empower your family and vote with your dollars, while reducing your environmental footprint and toxicity vulnerability. 1. Get rid of anything with a strong fragrance or chemical smell — a likely sign of endocrine-disrupting phthalates. Common culprits: plastic shower curtains, plug-in air fresheners, and most scented candles. Opt for fabric shower curtains, naturally scented candles, and essential oil diffusers. 2. Pare down as much plastic as possible

Review: Mrs B’s Handmade Soap
August 13, 2015 7:20 pm | by

I received a few different baby soaps as gifts before my daughter was born. I didn’t put too much thought into bathing her — beyond the fact that it needed to happen regularly — so I just used the first thing I opened. The soap I was using worked fine, but then I received a bar of Mrs. B’s Calm Baby Soap. I was unsure about using bar soap at first, however, the very first time I used it I was hooked. I just swirl it around in her washcloth a couple times and the lather is so rich and smooth.

Thursday Giveaway: The Power of a Hybrid
May 14, 2014 6:08 pm | by

What’s the definition of a hybrid? Well, if you ask a car lover the same question, they will most likely say, “Prius.” If you ask a zoologist, they will respond with “Zebroid.” And if you ask someone who uses cloth diapers, they’ll instantly exclaim, “FLIP!” Flip Hybrid Diapers allow parents to use one cloth diaper cover with three absorbent insert options to meet their changing needs. Just choose from stay-dry, organic or disposable inserts.  Change it up and try something new or grab something fast and convenient. But whatever you prefer, Flip gives you flexible choices when it comes to cloth diapering,