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Tag Archive: prefold

Budget-Friendly Cloth Diapers Made in the USA: Econobum
November 2, 2020 12:27 pm | by

My kids have potty trained and moved on from cloth diapers, but my friends with new babies ask me about my cloth diaper preferences and what I would recommend to them. Well, that all depends on what they are looking for in cloth diapers. If they are choosing cloth diapers strictly to save money, I would recommend Econobum or Elemental Joy. Econobum Newborn For newborn babies, Econobum newborn covers with a preemie or infant prefold are my go-to solution. They are super cost-effective and keep all the newborn poop inside. If you’ve ever experienced an up-the-back newborn poop blowout, you

What to Use Under a Diaper Cover
February 12, 2020 3:33 pm | by
Choosing an insert to use inside a cloth diaper cover. #clothdiapers #Flipdiapers #ElementalJoy #Econobum #prefolds #flats

Diaper covers are an economical and easy way to use cloth diapers. Customizable – Choose the insert you prefer. Whether you prefer natural fibers or stay-dry, you can use an insert that fits your child’s needs. Reusable – Diaper covers don’t have to be changed with every diaper unless poop gets on it. Simply replace a wet insert with a clean, dry insert and put it back on baby. Less space – Keep your diaper bag more compact by using covers and inserts instead of all-in-one diapers. Dries fast – If you are air-drying your diapers, covers are the way

Cloth Diaper Basics: How to Fold a Prefold
October 12, 2014 3:21 pm | by

When it comes to cloth diapers, there are A TON (yes, a ton) of options and styles available. That’s the beauty of it. From pockets to hybrids to all-in-ones and all-in-twos, you can use many different systems to diaper your baby. But, if you want to go back to the basics of cloth diapering, try prefolds, flats and covers. This classic system works great for heavy wetters, newborns, or when you want to save a few bucks. Like today’s cloth diapers, prefolds, flats and covers have become more advanced over time. You don’t have to use plastic pants and diaper pins anymore! You