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Tag Archive: relax

Thursday Giveaway: Just for Mom
August 27, 2014 4:35 pm | by

When you’re a mom, you’re on duty 24/7, and it can be hard to catch a break or find a few minutes to yourself. We all know how great it feels to go to the bathroom by yourself every once in a while, enjoy some much needed R&R, or even skip out on a cloth diaper laundry day every once in a while.  When you’re a mom, your needs typically come last, and you are constantly putting other people before yourself. But when you’re a mom, it’s also important to do things for yourself. You know, something JUST FOR MOM. Whether

Real Mom Talk: Mommy Time
May 14, 2014 5:23 pm | by

Evidently, being a mother means never going to the bathroom alone, always sharing your food, late nights and early mornings, and having to change cloth diapers,  clean up snot, poop, and vomit on a regular basis. Welcome to motherhood! As a mother, I rarely get time to myself to even think but it’s very important that I do get some “me” time here and there. And you need it too!!  Being a woman is not easy. (Being a person in general isn’t easy!) But women seem to have things constantly on their shoulders. I know I always have a meal