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Tag Archive: reusable products

Review: S’well Water Bottle
June 30, 2016 8:47 pm | by

Let’s talk water bottles. And more specifically the “Choose Love” S’well Water Bottle because it’s awesome. No, really. Let me tell you why. I just spent a total of six hours in the sunshine at our local pool. That felt like a REALLY long time, especially in 90-degree weather, and I needed to stay hydrated to chase after the two bigger kids and nurse the baby. My cooler isn’t super big so it doesn’t have enough space for all the water bottles I need for a full day outdoors. For this reason, I decided to pack my S’well water bottle with some ice water, knowing there was

Review: Diva Cup
December 4, 2014 7:56 pm | by

WARNING: This post contains information about bodily functions and is personal. Periods. And I’m not talking about the kind that go at the end of a sentence. Yes, I’m referring to your menstrual cycle. Did you know there are other products you can use during period than tampons or disposable pads? More than likely, you already cloth diaper your baby (especially if you’re reading this blog), but are you still using disposable products for yourself? Maybe you don’t know what’s really available. Maybe you don’t know how easy reusable menstrual products are to use. Or maybe you’re grossed out by the idea. If

Real Mom Talk: Reusable Products
September 16, 2014 6:55 pm | by

There are so many reusable products out there! Of course, my favorite would have to be cloth diapers, but I like so many others too! Reusable products help cut down on waste, save money, and can come in some cute designs and colors that throw away products don’t. Reusable sandwich bags – My husband packs his lunch almost daily. Sandwiches, chips, snacks… it really adds up. He could take up to 5 plastic bags a day. And then, they just get thrown in the trash! Who wants to literally throw money away on a daily basis? Sure, it’s only a few pennies.