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Tag Archive: reuse

Going Paper Towel-Less
September 19, 2019 3:48 pm | by
Choose a green alternative to paper towels. #reducereuserecycle #cottonbabies #choosecloth

As a cloth diaper company, we strive to reduce waste at our office and limit our environmental impact. After a Costco run, it seemed ridiculous how many paper towels we bought. Did we really need them? Our founder, Jenn, mentioned that they rarely use paper towels at home. There’s a drawer in her family’s kitchen with cut up t-shirts that are used in place of paper napkins and paper towels. So, we asked our staff if they had any t-shirts they wanted to Marie Kondo. Rather than taking them to a thrift store, we asked them to bring them to

Earth Day 2018
April 20, 2018 4:11 pm | by
Earth Day 2018

Earth Day is Sunday, April 22! Do you have plans to celebrate Earth Day? You can take care of the planet year-round with bumGenius and Flip cloth diapers. How do cloth diapers help protect the Earth? Prevent waste. Switching to cloth diapers can keep tons of trash out of landfills. What else can you do? Here are some simple steps you can take to live a little more green. Ditch dryer sheets for reusable wool dryer balls. Use flannel wipes or washcloths instead of disposable wipes and paper towels. Carpool. Lower emissions by riding to work with a co-worker who