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The Wrestling Match
August 23, 2008 10:17 am | by

About the time baby learns how to flip from back to front, the trouble begins. Babies like to practice their skill and when do you want them on their backs more than during a diaper change? Overnight diaper changes go from being a pleasant time to talk and play to an all-out battle with a wet cat or a fish out of water.

When they learn how to crawl it gets even worse. Now, not only can they turn over, but they have the potential to actually escape as well. Fun times!

This is about the time my diaper changes move off the changing table and onto the floor. Those little buggers are just too good at getting away!

Here are a couple of tips for keeping diaper changes smooth and happy times:

1. Have your diapers ready – have your bumGenius already stuffed or your prefold already in the cover. It just means that baby doesn’t have to lie still and wait while you prepared your supplies. It also avoids having the baby escape while you are doing this. Have any wipes or washcloths or diaper cream at the ready as well. (Why do I always forget this one myself?)

2. Try creative diaper changing positions – If baby just has pee, maybe a standing diaper change will work. I know people who can do it but I am not good at that one. I personally use the “Leg as a Seatbelt” position a lot at this age. Sit on the floor and lay baby in front of you with his head to one side. Instead of his feet being towards you, his side will be nearest your body. Put one of your legs across his upper body and lightly pin him down. Another little trick is to keep their feet held up high and over their body, as if they were playing with their feet. It is harder for them to roll like this and this comes in handy when a floor change is not possible.

3. Special diaper changing toys – Keep something that baby can play with only during diaper changes. If you are using a changing table, hanging a mirror over it is fascinating to the baby! Even letting them play with a diaper or a tube of ointment sometimes works, of course you are right there supervising this because you are changing the diaper. (Do NOT give a baby a bottle of liquid medicine to play with, even if it has a child proof cap. They can actually suck the liquid around the seal of the cap. Go ahead, ask me how I know this.) But the be all and end all of diaper changing toys is (Drum roll, please!) masking tape. No, do NOT tape your baby down with it! Tear off about a foot and hand it to baby. Watch to make sure he isn’t sticking it in his mouth, but let him play with it and wad it up and before he knows it his diaper change is DONE.

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1 Comment

  • mama2reese said...
    August 26, 2008 at 12:22 pm

    MASKING TAPE is a brilliant idea!!! I have special toys, even a special beginners toothbrush but it is a getting old and sometimes she even grunts at me when I try to hand it to her! 😛