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New Safe Starter and Safe Sippy2
November 11, 2011 3:05 am | by

New at Cotton Babies! The Kidbasix Safe line of cups designed specifically for the kids in your life. All Kidsbasix products are BPA and phthalate free, made of 304 food-grade stainless steel and dishwasher safe.

Start your baby off with the Safe Starter. It’s been called “the world’s coolest baby bottle.” The Safe Starter is the ultimate alternative to plastic and glass bottles. It features a silicone skin to protect bottle and provide insulation. The travel cap prevents spills and doubles as a measuring cup to help determine feeding amounts. The Safe Starter is available in both 5 and 9 ounce sizes.

When you are ready for the next step, the Safe Sippy2 cup is the first sippy cup to combine all of the features parents want most: a no-spill spout, removable handles, an insulating easy-grip outer sleeve and a straw adaptor that converts your sippy cup to a straw bottle in seconds. The Safe Sippy2 also features a travel cap for keeping the spout clean and a travel plug to prevent leaks when the cup is carried in a purse or diaper bag. The Safe Sippy2 comes in an 11 oz size.

For older children and adults, try the Safe Sporter 12 oz. bottle. In a world awash in plastic bottles, the Safe Sporter is a leap forward with a well thought out sustainable and utilitarian design. It features a single-wall design to make it light weight, maximize capacity and lower carbon footprint. It has an easy pull sports spout, wide mouth for easy cleaning and a hinged mud cap, to keep the spout clean.

Check out the entire range on our KidBasix page. Our What’s New section is quickly filling with these and other great new products we discovered at the ABC Kids Expo. New items are arriving each week, so check back often.

About the Author

Heather is mom to four, born within 40 months (single, twins, single). She writes transparently about her chaotic household to encourage others through the twists and turns of parenting.



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