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Top 10 Breastfeeding Products
August 2, 2017 4:36 pm | by

In honor of World Breastfeeding Week, I’d like to share some of my favorite products designed just for nursing mamas.

Nipple Cream

I am a big fan of Motherlove Nipple Cream, but I also love Earth Mama Angel Baby Natural Nipple Butter. Both soothe sore, cracked nipples and are safe for your nursling. These are definitely a must-have item, and I always bring one to the new moms in my life. Even the veteran moms I know get caught up preparing everything for the new baby but forget about themselves.

Nursing Pillow

A nursing pillow is a lifesaver. I used the Boppy with my first baby and it was great. I delivered her via C-section, but she was itty bitty. For baby #2, I had a planned C-section. Amanda in customer service raved about the Gia Nursing Pillow and how helpful it was for her after a C-section. It has a patented non-flat design which positions your baby at an incline, to aid in digestion and reduce reflux and other feeding problems. This helps prop baby up to breast, which is very convenient while healing.

Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra

If you plan to pump at all, hands-free pumping bra is fantastic. I spent many long hours hooked up to my pump, and being hands free made a huge difference. It’s great while you are working, trying to take care of the baby, or just too tired to hold onto flanges.

 Haakaa Silicone Pump

This little gadget was new to me for baby #2. LOVE IT! Don’t let any of your letdown milk go to waste. Collect it all in this handy little pump. It’s great for starting a frozen stash. Per my doctor’s recommendation, baby gets vitamin D supplement daily. I like to give him his vitamins in a bottle of pumped milk, so I just collect the milk as he nurses. If you need something a little more discreet while you’re out and about, consider Milkies Milk Savers.

MilkDaze Stay-Dry Nursing Pads

Nursing pads are not the most glamourous item, but they are essential. A few weeks ago, I was out for my first night away from baby. I came home and he was asleep. I started telling my husband about my night and he points to me and the wet spot on my shirt. Whoops! Hope that appeared on the car ride home. Next time, I will remember by nursing pads. MilkDaze Nursing Pads feature a great teardrop-shaped design that tucks under breasts to stay put. Plus, they are much more discreet than other reusable pads I’ve tried. I had some disposable nursing pads, but honestly I think I was allergic to something in them. They made me so itchy.

Lansinoh Soothies

In the hospital, one of the nurses asked me if I was feeling engorged (yes!) and if I wanted some “ahh” pads. Umm, sure. What are they? She brought me something very similar to Lansinoh Soothies. I put them on and literally said, “Ahhh-mazing! What is this and where do I get more?” She told me to get the Soothies. Great decision! They are gel pads that offer instant cool relief that feels soooo very good immediately.

Nursing/Teething Jewelry

Sometimes babies get distracted while nursing and they need something to hold onto. MilkDaze Nursing and Teething Jewelry can be a helpful accessory to keep baby focused and entertained.

Nursing Cover

Even moms who have no problem nursing in public may sometimes find themselves in a situation that requires a bit more modesty. For those moments, a fashionable nursing cover like the NuRoo Nursing Scarf will come in handy. In cute patterns, this nursing accessory is cute enough to wear when your breastfeeding journey is over.

Nursing Tank

I wear a nursing tank pretty much 24/7. They are great for layering and comfortable to sleep in. I love that these GlamourMom Nursing Bra Tanks are extra long and don’t ride up. They keep me covered and I love them.

Burp Cloth

Right now, when I leave the house, my essential items are the baby, diapers, baby carrier, and a burp cloth. Baby #2 has been a happy spitter, so sometimes I even upgrade from my aden + anais  burpy bib to a swaddle. Today, I have my Love Genius Series Swaddle. I love the aden + anais burpy bibs because, as the name implies, they can be used as a bib later on. They are big enough to be useful unlike some other burp cloths in my stash.

That concludes my Top 10 Breastfeeding Products. Am I forgetting anything you love? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Breastfeeding Week!

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Julia joined Cotton Babies in 2016 as Executive Assistant to Jenn Labit. She’s the proud mama to a toddler and a baby. She and her husband also have 2 dogs, a cat, a turtle and a pet fish. Julia is a diehard Cardinals fan who loves spending time with her family, shopping, crafting, and binge-watching “The Office.”


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