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Top Natural Parenting Products for Your Baby Registry
May 15, 2019 3:58 pm | by
Natural parenting products for a baby registry

As you prepare to welcome your new baby, creating a Baby Registry is a great way to organize your checklist and ensure you do not receive duplicate gifts. Here’s a list created by real moms of our favorite must-have natural parenting items to add to your baby registry.

bumGenius Cloth Diapers

Of course, bumGenius cloth diapers are at the top of our baby registry list. Between Littles, Freetime, Elemental, and Original Pocket Diaper, you will find the style that meets your needs. Plus, choose between tons of colors and prints to suit your taste.

Flip Diaper Cover

Even if you’re not planning to use cloth diapers, a Flip diaper cover is a great way to contain the mess OVER a disposable diaper. This is especially helpful when your little one is dressed for a special occasion or in an outfit you’d like to keep looking pristine. Besides serving a functional purpose, using a Flip diaper cover in photoshoots adds an extra layer of cute.

Flannel Wipes

Flannel wipes are a great accessory for cloth diapers, but they also work well for wiping little noses and faces. They come in handy once baby starts eating solid foods and needs a good wipedown. No need to use half a roll of paper towels, simply rinse the wipe and keep using it.

Wet Bags

This is an item that you might be surprised to learn you will get a ton of use out of: a wet bag. Wet Bags have many more uses than simply transporting cloth diapers. Wet bags are useful for organizing your diaper bag, carrying a change of clothes, transporting soiled clothes or wet swimsuits, organizing your suitcase and much, much more. Fold them up nice and small and you will be glad you have it!

All sizes of wet bags

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier can be used in so many situations. Perhaps your newborn is having a hard time falling asleep. Hold them close in a baby carrier as they drift off to sleep to the sound of your heartbeat and rhythm of your breathing. If you don’t want strangers touching your little and spreading germs, there’s a good chance the well-meaning strangers will respect the boundaries of a baby carrier. Hitting the grocery store with an infant is a challenge. If you keep them in their car seat, there’s no room for the food! Keep your hands free to get things done while you wear your babe in a carrier.

Baby Clothing

Dress your baby in the softest clothing you can get your hands on. Kickee Pants is always a hit because it’s so incredibly soft. Don’t go overboard on registering for baby clothes, though. Gift givers love to shop for cute outfits, so you will likely receive a lot. Try to keep your focus on the essentials.

Baby Bottles

You’ve many options for bottles. It’s a good idea to buy some that are compatible with your breast pump for storage, but it’s hard to know which type your baby will like. Some babies will take just about any bottle while others only like specific styles. Comotomo bottles closely mimic the breast, are easy to clean, and are designed to reduce air getting into baby’s tummy.

Nursing Pillow

If you’re planning on breastfeeding, getting a good support pillow is important, especially right after delivery when you are still healing. This pillow by Ergobaby provides amazing support and is designed to help position baby to get a good latch and aid in digestion.

Ergobaby Nursing Pillow - A fabulous baby registry item. See the rest on our baby registry checklist!
Awesome Car Seat

All car seats are designed to keep baby safe. Clek seats are designed to fit 3 across in most vehicles and feature extended rear-facing, up to 50 lbs.! These seats come highly recommended by CSPTs and parents alike. If you are still deciding which seat to register for, make sure you include Clek in your research.

Clek Foonf Convertible Car Seat

Other things to keep in mind. Register for items that baby will use as they grow if you have room to store these items. It’s amazing how much stuff a tiny person can accumulate!

Swaddle Blankets

We have a whole post on all the reasons we love swaddle blankets. Basically, they have tons of uses while being super soft and absorbent. Definitely add some to your registry!

Sleep Sacks

Safe sleep is incredibly important. Sleep sacks are a safe way to keep baby warm at night. Add a sleep sack or 2 in each size for the corresponding season.


Find the stroller of your dreams! If you’re looking for compact, check out the Nano. Ready to explore? Mountain Buggy has you covered. Just strolling around town? City Select might be the best for you.

Teething Jewelry

This last one is fun for you, too, mama! Wear a fun and functional piece of jewelry that distracted nurslings can fiddle with. Plus, MilkDaze nursing jewelry will give your teething baby some relief.

Top natural parenting products to put on your baby registry.

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