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What to Use Under a Diaper Cover
February 12, 2020 3:33 pm | by
Choosing an insert to use inside a cloth diaper cover. #clothdiapers #Flipdiapers #ElementalJoy #Econobum #prefolds #flats

Diaper covers are an economical and easy way to use cloth diapers.

  • Customizable – Choose the insert you prefer. Whether you prefer natural fibers or stay-dry, you can use an insert that fits your child’s needs.
  • Reusable – Diaper covers don’t have to be changed with every diaper unless poop gets on it. Simply replace a wet insert with a clean, dry insert and put it back on baby.
  • Less space – Keep your diaper bag more compact by using covers and inserts instead of all-in-one diapers.
  • Dries fast – If you are air-drying your diapers, covers are the way to go.
  • Save money- Because you can reuse cloth diaper covers between changes, you can get by with less covers. We still recommend 24 inserts/diaper changes.

Check out Flip diaper cover, Elemental Joy diaper covers and Econobum diaper covers

Econobum, Elemental Joy, Flip diaper covers

From left to right, the inside of Econobum, Elemental Joy and Flip cloth diaper covers.

Diaper Cover Inserts

Now you know what makes a diaper cover awesome. But which insert should you choose? Here’s the good news: you can use pretty much whatever you want as long as it’s absorbent. You can even cut up an old t-shirt to use it as an insert. We do not recommend using microfiber directly against baby’s skin. For instance, do not use a bumGenius One-Size Insert in a diaper cover without a Stay-Dry liner or an insert sock.

Here are a few recommendations.


Prefolds are the go-to cloth diaper insert for a good reason- they work! They absorb well and hold up after many washes. Prefolds are rectangles with lines stitched down them. They are easy to fold because you simply fold along the seams.


Flats are essentially a flat piece of fabric that is folded to fit inside the diaper cover. They can be made from many materials. You may see “birdseye” flats, which simply refers to the weave in the cotton. We offer 100% cotton flannel flats and Flip organic cotton daytime inserts. All of these work well inside a diaper cover.

Inside Elemental Joy Diaper

Stay-Dry Inserts

Stay-Dry inserts quickly pull moisture away from baby’s bottom. These are perfect for babies who do not like to feel wet! Flip Stay-Dry Inserts come in one-size and newborn.


If you have a heavy wetter, hemp is an awesome option. It is an extremely absorbent natural fiber. Our Hemp Babies line carries Hemp Flat Weeds and Hemp Diaper Doublers in small and large.


Fitted diapers can also be used inside a diaper cover. Currently, bumGenius Newborn Fitteds are available. Made from viscose made from bamboo, these absorbent fitted diapers are our favorite to go under a Newborn Econobum Cover.

bumGenius Newborn Fitted

Econobum Newborn Cover

No Fold Insert

Our Elemental Joy No-Fold Cloth Diaper Insert is a very unique insert. It is 100% cotton, but requires no extra folding. It works great inside cloth diaper covers. It holds its shape and is perfect for people who prefer a natural fiber option.

Elemental Joy No Fold Insert

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