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Which Wet Bag Do I Need?
March 26, 2020 1:19 pm | by
All sizes of wet bags

When using cloth diapers, you will need a few wet bags, too. Let’s talk about the different wet bag styles and some of our favorite ways to use them.

From smallest to largest, let’s start with the bumGenius Mini Wet Bag.

Mini Wet Bag

Capacity: 1 cloth diaper

The Mini Wet Bag is great for a quick outing. It really only holds one cloth diaper, but it can be used to hold wipes. It has a simple tapered fold-over design closure.

Other use: The Mini Wet Bag is great for holding small toys or crayons in a diaper bag. Currently, I have a set of Tegu Blocks in mine!

bumGenius mini wet bag

Outing Wet Bag

Capacity: 3-5 cloth diapers

The bumGenius Outing Wet Bag is great for a day out and about. It’s also a favorite among daycares. The convenient handle can snap onto all kinds of surfaces from your diaper bag handle to a changing table or a hook in a cubby.

Other use: Besides diapers, the Outing Wet Bag is the perfect size for wet swimsuits.

Weekender Wet Bag

Capacity: 10-12 cloth diapers

The spacious Weekender Wet Bag is great for, you guessed it, a weekend! It holds up to 12 diapers. It can fold up to a compact size.

Other use: Keeping dirty clothes separated from clean clothes in a suitcase. Or, separating clothes by family member for vaction.

More on the Weekender here.

Hangout Wet Bag

Capacity: 10-12 cloth diapers

The Hangout Wet Bag is the perfect solution for families who do not want to keep a diaper pail and pail liner in their house. It neatly hangs on a door handle or hook. It holds up to 12 cloth diapers.

Other use: Like the Weekender, the Hangout is also great for travel. Hang it on a bathroom door handle to act as a hamper on the go.

More on the Hangout here.

bumGenius Wet Bags are machine-washable and leak-resistant. All, with the exception of the Mini Wet Bag, feature a zipper closure. Caring for your wet bags is easy – just toss them in the wash with your dirty diapers or other dirty laundry.

bumGenius wet bags

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