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bumGenius Named Best Cloth Diaper by Wirecutter
July 18, 2018 8:00 am | by
Find out why bumGenius was voted best cloth diaper by Wirecutter.

After intense testing, interviews, reporting and more, Wirecutter has named bumGenius Original 5.0 as the Best Cloth Diaper!

What makes bumGenius Original 5.0 the best cloth diaper?

Wirecutter noted that bumGenius Original 5.0 excels at containing leaks, is easy to understand and use, and is readily available in many colors.

Other top features:

  • Longevity. bumGenius 5.0s hold up well with long-term cloth diapering.
  • Easy to clean. There aren’t tons of crevices for poop to collect.
  • Great absorption. The quick-wicking suede cloth and microfiber inserts hold a lot of liquid. Pocket diapers like the bumGenius Original 5.0 can be customized to get the perfect level of absorption.
  • Includes 2 inserts. Competitors diapers typically only include 1 insert per diaper. The newborn insert can be used by itself for newborns or paired with the one-size insert to provide more absorbency.
  • Fit. Stretchy tabs help get the perfect fit.

To get all the details, read the article here or try bumGenius 5.0 for yourself!

bumGenius 5.0 makes the cut as best cloth diaper by Wirecutter

What is Wirecutter?

After in-depth research, Wirecutter compiles lists of the best gear and gadgets for most people. The goal is to make buying gear quickly easier for consumers. The company prides itself on following rigorous journalistic standards and ethics while maintaining editorial independence from its business operations.

We’re honored to have bumGenius named the best. Thank you to the team at  Wirecutter, everyone interviewed for the piece, and all the families who voted bumGenius the best!

What makes the best cloth diaper? See why Wirecutter named bumGenius the best cloth diaper.

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