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Clever Easter Basket Ideas for Baby & Toddlers
February 28, 2018 4:16 pm | by
Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Baby and Toddler

Easter is just a few short weeks away. It’s a time for celebration, and I am excited to curate an Easter basket for my toddler and baby. I love to plan out gifts rather than hitting up the pharmacy late on Saturday night before Easter grabbing whatever candy they might have left. Mostly, this is due to the fact that my toddler has become a candy monster and I am doing my best to direct her attention to other things.

Baby Easter Basket Ideas

My little guy will soon be turning 1! At this point, he likes putting everything in his mouth. He’s pretty easy-going and will likely be happiest with the basket itself. But, I will take this opportunity to buy him some things he needs. His sister would be very concerned if the Easter bunny didn’t bring a basket for her baby bro.

ezpz Happy Mat

Happy Mats are some of the coolest plates I’ve ever seen. Currently, we use the Mini Mat, but I would like to get the larger Happy Mat, too.

Baby Bjorn Soft Baby Bib 

By now, I know what types of bibs work best. The style of the Baby Bjorn bib is my favorite. It cleans easily in the sink and can be dried by wiping it off. The trough catches extra bits of food and keeps crumbs off the floor. My little dude has inherited a lot of baby gear from his older sister, so I think it’s time to get him his own bib that’s a little less girly.

aden + anais Classic Sleeping Bag

As it warms up, I’d like to transition my baby to a lighter sleep sack. aden + anais Classic Sleeping Bag is a great option. Plus, it comes in many sweet designs!

Toddler Easter Basket Ideas

For my 3-year-old daughter, here are a few items I’m considering picking up. She loves art, bathtime, playing in water, taking care of her babies, dressing up as princesses and playing Candyland.

Chewbeads Junior Beads

I know she would love one of these necklaces. I often wear a MilkDaze necklace, and she loves to dress like mama. I am a fan of these necklaces because they are safe and cute.

Piggy Paint

We already have several colors of Piggy Paint, and my daughter requests to paint her fingers and toes at least once a week. If I actually have nail polish on, she requests the color that is most like mine. It especially makes me happy when her Dad paints her nails. He’s surprisingly good at it! It’s a great bonding moment.

Sunscreen & Bug Repellant

As the weather warms up, we will be spending more time outside. I need to buy Sunscreen and Bug Repellent anyway, so I might as well make it a “fun” item in her Easter basket. Hopefully, that will make putting sunscreen on more fun. I love using the California Baby line.

Sidewalk Chalk

My girl LOVES to make art. We recently used some sidewalk chalk paint and she thought it was the coolest thing ever. Have you seen Chalk Trail? It attaches onto a bike!

Easter Basket Ideas for Toddler AND Baby

There are some items that I think BOTH my kids would truly enjoy.

RePlay Tableware

We LOVE these plates! They are incredibly durable and stack up neatly in my cabinets. Create a fun color scheme for your child’s basket.

Family New Year's Resolutions- Meal Planning

Flipping Holder

Parents in our Facebook group, the Mob, have raved over this handy gadget. The Flipping Holder allows kids to drink juice boxes or eat pouches without squeezing them too hard. That means it prevents a mess and allows littles to eat or drink independently.

Bubble Bath

Who doesn’t love a nice bubble bath? You can go ahead and add this to my Easter basket, too. The aden + anais Bubble Bath is a favorite at Cotton Babies.

Plush Toys

It’s seriously so hard to pass up an adorably sweet stuffed bunny or lamb. I want to say stuffed animals are on my do not buy list, but it seems like we always end up getting one anyway. Might as well embrace it! Look at this sweet Kickee Pants Sheep.

DIY Egg Rattles

Are you willing to take on a bit of a craft project? Get the traditional plastic Easter eggs. Fill them with rice or beans. Add some colorful duct tape around the seam to create a fun musical instrument. Use different fillers to create different sounds. Toddlers will like making music and babies will love to just shake them.

DIY Egg Rattle


  • Create a theme for your basket like at the beach, outside fun, baseball, dress up, superhero, rainy days, cooking or whatever your child is interested in.
  • It doesn’t have to fit in a basket. Fill an upside-down umbrella, a hat or a helmet. Get creative! One year, I made my husband an Easter basket in a skillet.

What I’ll Leave Out of Easter Baskets

Candy. I know they’ll still end up with tons of candy from the Easter Egg Hunt with their cousins. No need to provide any additional sugar. Well, maybe a chocolate bunny…

No slime in my house. I know it’s crazy popular, but it’s too messy.

Clever & practical Easter basket ideas for baby and toddler

I hope this list has given you some practical ideas for what you can include in an Easter basket for your baby or toddler. Now let’s hop to it and have some fun!

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Julia joined Cotton Babies in 2016 as Executive Assistant to Jenn Labit. She’s the proud mama to a toddler and a baby. She and her husband also have 2 dogs, a cat, a turtle and a pet fish. Julia is a diehard Cardinals fan who loves spending time with her family, shopping, crafting, and binge-watching “The Office.”


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