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How Do One-Size Cloth Diapers Fit From Birth-Potty Training?
March 17, 2022 12:00 am | by
How do one-size cloth diapers fit 8-35 pounds?

If you’re in the early steps of researching cloth diapers, you’ve probably read that you only need to buy diapers once because cloth diapers may fit from birth-potty training. That’s great news, right? But how exactly do one-size cloth diapers work?

Design of One-Size Cloth Diapers

With bumGenius, Flip and Elemental Joy cloth diapers, you can expect the diapers to fit from 8 – 35 pounds depending on your baby’s shape and size. That’s because all 3 of these cloth diaper brands made by Cotton Babies feature our patented 3×3 snap design.

These one-size cloth diapers feature snaps that can be adjusted to fit small, medium and large babies. The smallest rise setting (completely snapped) works best for babies 8-16 pounds. Medium, or middle snap, fits babies weighing 17-22 pounds, and completely unsnapped fits babies 23-35 pounds.

These diapers can grow with your baby. As your baby’ absorbancy needs change, you can easily add an additional insert if needed. bumGenius Original Pocket Diapers include a one-size insert that snaps down to fit inside the pocket diaper. This is especially helpful when babies are small because you don’t have to smoosh the insert inside the diaper.

With Flip Stay-Dry Inserts, a seam is sewn into the insert to make it easy to fold. They even say “small,” “medium” and “large,” so it will be easy for anyone to help change a diaper. Fold the extra fabric in the front for boys and in the back for girls.

Our one-size cloth diapers will fit most babies through potty training. Depending on your baby’s size, they may fit from birth. If your baby is on the smaller size, you may want to try bumGenius Littles 2.0 or Econobum newborn covers. Both styles of newborn cloth diapers fit babies approximately 6-12 pounds. The benefit of newborn diapers is that they are designed to dip below the umbilical stump and will be less bulky on a small baby than a one-size cloth diaper.

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Other Cloth Diapers

Some other brands of cloth diapers come in different sizes, which means you will have to buy several sets of cloth diapers for your growing baby. You’re likely to still save money versus purchasing disposable diapers, but do you really want to buy cloth diapers twice?

Figuring Out Disposable Diaper Sizes

With disposable diapers, some parents try to save money by stockpiling diapers when they are on sale. If you have the space to store cases upon cases of diapers, this might be a good strategy for you. However, it’s hard to predict how many diapers you will need in each size. Some babies quickly grow through all the sizes while others may potty train before even needing the larger sizes.

Cloth diapers really can fit from birth-potty training. Learn more about one-size cloth diapers.

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