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How Often?
August 29, 2008 10:45 pm | by

How often do you need to change your baby’s cloth diaper?

Well isn’t that the question of the century? I think the best answer you can get it just depends.
It depends on baby’s age, on how, what and how often they are eating. I depends on how they are sleeping and the condition of their skin.

You can see that the answer to this question is one that every family has to work out for themselves. If your baby is soaking through his clothes, change him more often. If your baby isn’t even wet yet, wait a while. That doesn’t happen often but it does happen, I promise!

I would love to give you some times as guides but they are sure to not fit half the babies out there and someone is certain to say I am not changing my baby often enough and someone else will say, “Oh forget it, I am not going to do it that often!” No matter what you do, someone will find a way to disapprove. But I heard once that in Victorian times babies were changed every three DAYS or so. Please do change your baby’s diaper more often than THAT.

Babies under 3 months old will wet their diapers very frequently. Very Frequently. They will probably still need diaper changes before or after at least one nighttime feeding. Oh, what a delight when the nighttime diaper changes stop!

Babies tend to wet more frequently in the mornings and less often in the afternoon. (So say those who practice Elimination Communication.) Some will even have predictable wetting times, like after nursing, after being removed from the sling, or upon waking up. Changing your baby at those times can help you to maximize the dry diaper time.

So watch your baby and the two of you will work out the right times for changing.

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