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How to Deal with Daylight Savings This Year
October 27, 2020 4:12 pm | by
Tips for handling the end of Daylight Savings in 2020 #parenting #COVID

Dear parents –  we’ve got this! 2020 has handed us our butts, but that means we can get daylight savings under control.

We have several options.

  1. Move.

    Move to Arizona or Hawaii where daylight savings time is straight-up not observed. I’m pretty sure they are onto something here. See you in Hawaii! I volunteer as tribute.
    Baby on beach in Hawaii

  2. Ignore it.

    Let’s just be an hour late to everything for the next few months. We’ve got kids, so this won’t really surprise anyone, right?

  3. Time travel.

    Does anyone else remember the show “The Adventures of Pete & Pete“? I always think of the episode when daylight savings ends and Little Pete wants to relive an hour of his life by time traveling. If there was ever a year to try this, I’m pretty sure it’s 2020. I’ll be up at 2am waiting for it to become 1am so I can get an extra hour Instagram insomnia scrolling in. If you’re up changing a diaper or nursing a baby, just know you’re not alone. We’re all time traveling together!

  4. Be very sneaky.

    Another approach to help you and your kids adjust is to move the clock back by 15 minutes on Friday and Saturday to make the hour change a little less jarring. Of course, this year has Halloween the day before daylight savings which makes things a bit trickier.

    Good luck to everyone! At least, in theory, we all get an extra hour of sleep. Just kidding – we all know that’s a lie!

    Tips for Handling the end of Daylight Savings in 2020 #parenting


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