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My Christmas Wish List: A Gift Guide for Kids 1-6 Years Old
November 15, 2017 1:58 pm | by

The holidays are quickly approaching and for some, that means buying gifts! I’m super excited to buy Christmas gifts for my kids because they’re at such fun ages! Here are some things on my wish list for this holiday season.

My Wish List for My One-Year-Old

1. Manny + Simon Wooden Train

This push train has built-in easy grip handles, so it’s perfectly made for a small child’s hand. It also has an eco-friendly construction, painted with non-toxic, water-based paints and made out of 100% pre-consumer reclaimed wood residuals. It’s going to be our “big gift” to Jackson this year – I just know he’ll love pushing it up and down the hallway.

2. Haba Triangular Clutching Toy

Jackson still loves to put everything in his mouth! This brightly-colored teething toy is made out of beechwood and would be a great new teether for any little one!

3. Equiano Baby Tee

I love the Genius Series tees. The newer ones are super soft and fit Jackson perfectly! I also love buying Jackson tees rather than onesies so we can pair it with his cloth diapers! We already have so many diapers that match the Equiano color scheme, and of course, Equiano diaper itself! I think this little shirt will be a perfect addition to our Genius shirt collection.

4. Boon Bath Boats

Jackson is loving the bathtub lately, so I want to make sure he has some new bath toys. These little boats are just darling and look like so much fun! They scoop, give the rain effect, and float; perfect for a little boy’s (or girl’s) growing imagination. My favorite part? They aren’t those squeeze toys that get gross within a month! They also stack nicely for storage.

5. Skip Hop Puppet Activity Book

This adorable little book contains little finger puppets for the book to come alive. Babies will love the details, colors, and textures on each page. You can never get them too interested in reading – even at an early age!

6. PediPed Shoes

Jackson is so close to walking which means I need to start getting him some real shoes! I’m totally not ready for this stage in his life, but PediPed shoes are made just for babies learning to walk. The “Christopher” shoes are on my “must-have” list for him. Seriously – they’re super cute!!

7. New Elemental Diaper

Since I’ve found the love for the new Elemental design, I want all the colors! My plan is to grab him a Pepper, Fearless, and Mirror. We’ll see if I can wait to prep them between now and Christmas…

8. BabyLit, A Christmas Carol

Part of our holiday tradition is the Christmas Eve box. This box contains a new Christmas book, Christmas movie, new PJs to wear on Christmas Eve, and a couple little snacks. For Jackson’s first real Christmas Eve box, I think this BabyLit book will be perfect!


My Wish List for My Four and Six-Year Old

1. Bella Tunno Imagidoodle Chalkfolio

Aubrey is six years old, and she is my little artist. She loves to draw and color on just about anything she can get her hands on. I think the Imagidoodle Chalkfolio will be perfect for her on car rides, trips out of the house, and just for something different for her to draw on. She also loves to play “teacher,” so I’m sure she’ll get a kick out of a chalkboard. It comes with 12 pieces of colorful chalk, which means I don’t have to buy anything separate right away.

2. Babiators

Baileigh is my four-year-old and absolutely loves wearing sunglasses – even when it’s dark outside! Unfortunately, she’s constantly breaking them. Even the ones that are “made for kids” don’t seem to be tough enough for my little Baleigh. Babiators, on the other hand, are quite durable. They’re made with a flexible frame so they’re pretty difficult to break. They also come in a variety of colors, so every kid can pick their favorite!

3. Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick

Aubrey is also my girlie girl. I’m planning on buying her a Ju-Ju-Be Be Quick so she can have a little purse for herself. She likes to take along chapstick, a few little toys, and a small coloring book with crayons. A Be Quick will be perfect for her! It will basically be her first purse. I’m thinking the Duchess print will be perfect for my little lady.

4. Genius Series Pocket Notebooks

Both of the girls love having plain or lined paper to draw on. I love it because they’re using their imagination. The pocket notebooks come in sets of three, so my plan is to purchase the Mozart set, give them each one and keep one for myself. This particular set means even more to me because our favorite song to sing together is “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.”  They can each carry a notebook in their new bags – It’ll make the perfect stocking stuffer!

5. Plan Toys Activity Clock

This little clock is perfect for kids learning how to tell time. Not only is it fun to play with, but it’ll make a great learning tool too! Aubrey is in Kindergarten this year and while they haven’t started learning to tell time yet, she’s always asking me what time it is! I’m all about having toys with a purpose, so having one to teach her something important is exciting for me!

6. Skip Hop Backpack

Every little kid needs one of these – they are absolutely adorable! I’m thinking I’ll grab her the Giraffe one because that’s her current favorite animal. These backpacks are perfect for little ones to carry things to school, Grandma’s, a sleepover and more! I particularly like to use them when we have an appointment to go to. I can just pack up some of her favorite things in the backpack and she can carry it – rather than adding more stuff into my (already full) bag!

7. Green Toys Tea Set

Every little girl needs a tea set in her life, right? This tea set is made out of recycled plastic milk containers. I just can’t wait for my girls and me to have a tea party – I’ll provide the mini muffins if they can provide the (pretend) tea!

8. Plan Toys Balancing Monkeys

Talk about an adorable little game! Baileigh is in preschool, so we try to extend the learning from school into our home. This tree needs to stay balanced, so you need to put the same amount of monkeys on each end! It’s so cute, makes playtime fun and has the learning aspect to it! 

9. Ergo Doll Carrier

Baleigh is my mini-me. She wants to do everything mom is doing. This includes babywearing…. We’ve made some really cool wraps with swaddle blankets, but it just isn’t the same thing. This Ergo doll carrier will just make her day! She’ll get to hold her baby close just like me. For me, this gift is even more sentimental because Baileigh was the first baby I used baby carriers with. I’ll always remember her hugging and giving our favorite baby carrier a kiss when I sold it.

Christmas is my favorite time of year! I just love picking out gifts for my family and friends, but I’ve found that I love it even more now that I have kids. There’s just something about playing “Santa” that feels so magical. What are you planning on gifting your little ones?

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