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Rainy Day Activities for Kids
June 13, 2019 11:47 am | by
Fun activities to have fun on a rainy day

Summer is here! Take your kids outside and enjoy the weather. Here in St. Louis, we like to say, “If you don’t like the weather… wait.” That’s because it’s not uncommon for major temperature shifts to occur. On some days, it can feel like a different season between morning and afternoon. If it gets too hot it’s a rainy day, here’s a list of activities you can do together. Have fun!

Jump in the puddles on a rainy day

Of course, every now and then, you have to embrace a rainy day. Grab some galoshes, an umbrella and a raincoat to make some memories splashing about.

Catching snowflakes

Look for rainbows

A rainbow can definitely turn a drab day into one worth remembering. Do you remember how special it felt as a child to see a rainbow?

rainbows on a rainy day


There is something magical about Playdoh that keeps my kids occupied for SO LONG! They love making creations and pretending to feed me their creations. It’s definitely a favorite indoor activity in my house.

Rainy day fun with Playdoh

Blanket Fort

What a fun, low-tech, low-cost activity. Gather up some blankets and create a fortress of tunnels for all to play in.


Just because you’re cooped up, doesn’t mean you can’t exercise your mind. Kids can become a mini-architect and construct the building of their dreams. Of course, we all know the real fun is knocking it down.

Arts and crafts

Get the creative juices flowing with an arts and crafts project. Using simple items or even recycling items you have around the house can make for an engaging activity that keeps little hands busy and their minds engaged. Last week, my 4-year-old made a bridge with my husband out of popsicle sticks. At daycare, my kids make the cutest crafts out of everything from paper plates to paper bags, coffee filters and toilet paper rolls.

Pour painting


I’ll be the first to admit that my kids’ book collection resembles that of a local library. In my opinion, you can never have too many books. I love going to book fairs or picking up a new story while we’re on vacation. There’s definitely a book for just about every interest your child may have! Either hit up your local library or take some time to enjoy your own book collection.

Baby in stellar diaper reading a book


I remember showing my daughter a puppet for the first time and seeing the look of joy on her face. She was in awe like, “mom, how are you doing that?! Keep doing it!” Whether you are in charge of the puppets or the kiddos are putting on a show for you, it will be a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Dress Up

Have some imaginative play with dress-up clothes and costumes. Princess, pirates, monsters – whatever your heart desires!

PiratesDress up while making music


Board games or puzzles are yet another great indoor activity that encourages learning, sharing, and taking turns. Have some quality family game time.

Dance & Music

Dancy party, anyone? Crank up the tunes and bust a move! It will burn some energy and be fun for all.

Sensory box

I made a fun sensory box for my kids with different types of noodles, pipe cleaners, craft poms and little rubber doggies. You can make one out of inexpensive supplies. Keep changing out the contents to give your littles new experiences.


Cook up some fun in the kitchen! Kids love to help out and watch as things come together. Plus, it may be a sneaky way to convince children to try new foods if they have a hand in preparing them. Bonus: You can have an indoor picnic!

Rainy day indoor picnic

Movie Day

I love snuggling up under a cover and binge-watching some shows on rainy, overcast day. It can be nice to just take it easy!

Tea Party

Serve up some scrumptious treats – real or makebelieve – at your very own tea party. Cheers!

Tea party


A list of rainy day activities for you and your kids to have fun on a rainy day.

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Julia joined Cotton Babies in 2016 as Executive Assistant to Jenn Labit. She’s the proud mama to a toddler and a baby. She and her husband also have 2 dogs, a cat, a turtle and a pet fish. Julia is a diehard Cardinals fan who loves spending time with her family, shopping, crafting, and binge-watching “The Office.”


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