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Review: Flip Potty Trainer
June 26, 2014 8:18 pm | by

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 9.21.39 PMOur just-turned-four-year-old son has been out of diapers for about a year. Or, he’s out of diapers during the day at least. Staying dry all night has been a bit more of a struggle though, so I jumped at the chance to try out the Flip Potty Trainer from Cotton Babies. 

I learned pretty quickly that I would need to boost the absorbency, at least initially. But the great thing about the system is that it’s easy to add an extra insert. I loved being able to adjust to what we needed, instead of being stuck with limited options. And even with an extra insert, it was still a really trim option for under pjs. This was especially important for a kid that wants to feel like a big kid and doesn’t want it to look like he’s wearing a diaper around his older brothers.

Another big positive for me what how adjustable the size of the training pants will be. Our youngest has the opposite build of the boy currently using the Flip – one is a solid, wide, footballer player build and the other is pretty scrawny. I love that I’ll be able to use this system for my youngest (whenever he gets to that point) and know that it will fit him well, even with the size difference. 

One thing that surprised me about the Flip Potty Trainer was the snaps. They are really solid- my 4-year old has trouble undoing the snaps himself. For us, this is a huge positive. It forces him to treat them as underwear and pull them up and down, rather than unsnapping it like a diaper. It’s fine for an adult to unsnap, which is great in case of a messy situation, but is enough of a hurdle for him that he thinks of the pant as underwear. I think this is big for the mental part of the training process- knowing that it’s not the same thing as a diaper.

There’s also the fact that you can make them fun and multi-colored. With interchangeable side panels there are so many color combos you can choose – and if you have a little one with an independent streak, getting to pick colors might help him or her feel like a part of the decision making process. It’s a great way to pass some ownership on to a kid. Sometimes it is the smallest thing that helps in a big process like transitioning out of diapers. 

We’re still in the process here. I don’t want to push him too hard, especially since he’s so good during the day. But I know that the Flip training pant is the first step towards moving away from regular diapers at night and is helping him get over that last hurdle.

Have you tried the Flip training pant yet? What’s your favorite thing about it?

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Claire is an Army wife that may not have been cut out for homemaking. Follow her adventures as she, her husband (Sergeant Handsome), their three sons and two dogs try to keep it together over on her personal blog, The Half-Hearted Housewife, where love means never having to do the dishes.


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