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Review: PurECOsheet Reusable Chemical Free Dryer Sheets
September 28, 2014 11:35 am | by

image 2Are you tired of throwing chemicals into your laundry or spending tons of money on “natural” fabric softeners and dryer sheets? Look no further! PurEco Sheets are perfect for you.

These reusable, chemical free dryer sheets are 100% hypoallergenic and are unscented, unless of course, you want to put a few drops of essential oils on them. They will leave no residue on your clothes or in your dryer. This makes them safe for your clothes, towels, bed sheets, infant clothing, and even cloth diapers! One box of PurEco Sheets will last you for hundreds of loads and only need cleaned every three months or so. They’ll even perform correctly if they’re wet or dry — it doesn’t matter.

When I first received these, I was skeptical. I’ll be honest. I have used wool dryer balls and traditional dryer sheets in the past. I just kind of went back and forth between them. I would still have static issues and I felt like my skin was having a reaction to the wool dryer balls. (I am not allergic to wool, but I have really sensitive skin!) I hated going back to the traditional dryer sheets even though those weren’t breaking me out. It made no sense to me how something chemical filled worked, but something natural didn’t. I started using these a few weeks ago and have continued to use them only. And they’re the best dryer sheets ever! My only complaint is that I need more boxes. These tend to disappear in my laundry and I don’t find them until I start folding them, which is sometimes a few days later!

Iimage have not personally used essential oils on them yet, although I’m sure lavender, tangerine, or lemongrass would smell wonderfully on my clothes and towels. I’m sure they would wear off after a load of laundry or two so I would only use them on things that really needed to smell differently. 😉 All in all, I would definitely recommend these to anyone, especially a family that deals with skin sensitivities or eczema.

Since these can be used with cloth diapers, they’re perfect at reducing the amount of static in the dryer from those troublesome, static chasing, microfiber inserts.

About the Author

Amanda is a stay-at-home mom of three who keep her on her toes! Her family resides in Columbus, Ohio — the Buckeye state! She ventured into cloth diapering a little "late," but is a firm believer in "better late than never!" Amanda enjoys her morning coffee, spending time with her littles, buying too many cloth diapers, much-needed pedicures and the rare date night with her husband. Get to know Amanda on her personal blog, Fluff Bum Babies. Instagram: @FluffBumBabiesMama


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