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Smart Styles to go with Cloth Diapers
August 30, 2019 8:39 am | by
Smart styles to go with cloth diapers - including Genius tees! #bumGenius #clothdiapers

Sometimes with cloth diapers, #babygotback. It’s possible that you may need to size up in pants to accommodate a particularly fluffy butt. When it’s warm out, baby can go sans pants.

Genius Shirts

To coordinate with some of our favorite Genius Series diapers, we carry a selection of Baby Genius tees. Your baby can rock a matching t-shirt to your favorite Genius Series diaper. Here are a few of our faves! Shop our Genius Baby Clothing to see more!

Austen Genius Shirt


Roomy Pants

Doodle Pants are adorable baby pants that are extra stretchy and easily fit over a cloth diaper booty. We have lots of fun patterns to choose from. So cute!

Another great option is Project Pomona pants, which literally grow with your child. Many times, babies grow so fast they never actually wear out their clothes. That means you have to buy a new pair even though the last pair are still in great condition. With these pants, you’ll get a pair you love and your kiddo will get to keep on wearing them! The adjustability helps them easily fit over a cloth diaper.

Baby Leggings

If you want to make diaper changes a snap or just show off that cloth diaper, check out baby leggings. We have many styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect pair for your baby or baby gift. 


What’s your favorite way to style your baby in cloth diapers?

Smart styles to go with cloth diapers - including Genius tees and roomy pants! #bumGenius #clothdiapers #babystyle

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