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Tag Archive: cotton babies. bumGenius

January 29, 2014 5:02 pm | by

Introducing the Newest Addition to our Color Palette, HUMMINGBIRD!    Winter is in full swing, but new colors are popping up everywhere, even here at Cotton Babies! This deep emerald green is inspired by plumage, blooming flowers and feeling of freshness. Elegant yet relaxed, Hummingbird is a strong, vibrant, gender-neutral shade that enhances and enlivens the senses, especially during this cool, brisk weather.    Hummingbird is currently available in the following styles: bumGenius 4.0 Snap bumGenius Freetime Snap  bumGenius Elemental Snap bumGenius Newborn H/L Flip Covers Snap Just like the speed of the hummingbird, we know this color will become a