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Tag Archive: new parent

New Parent Cloth Diaper Kit
October 14, 2016 1:04 pm | by

A new baby brings many changes into a new parent’s life. From sleep schedules to diaper routines, there are a variety of adjustments a new parent must make when baby makes their way into the world. Why not make life a little easier with the perfect shower gift for any new cloth diaper parent: the Econobum Newborn Kit. Whether you’ve had experience with cloth diapers or just diving in, this new parent cloth diaper kit includes just about everything you need to start cloth diapering a newborn. The Econobum Newborn Kit was specifically designed for new parents who’ve made the choice

Thursday Giveaway: The New Mom’s Cloth Diaper Kit
September 9, 2015 8:13 pm | by

The Cotton Babies team is growing! A few of our staff members have welcomed — and will soon be welcoming — a new baby! It’s such an exciting time in the office. Outside the 9-to-5, these parents spent a good amount of time planning and prepping for this new addition, especially those who are experiencing motherhood for the first time. From cloth diapers to carriers to swaddles and sprayers, bringing a baby into the world can take a lot of work! So wouldn’t it be easier if you just had everything you need bundled together in one nice pretty package? Well, good news! You can.

Real Mom Talk: New Mom vs. Seasoned Mom
July 13, 2015 8:36 pm | by

During our twins eighth birthday celebration, we found all of their newborn pictures in old albums. We looked through each album, wondering where the last 8 years went. Seriously! It brought back all these memories of what I thought being a parent would be and all these ideas of what I could do. I realized I was a different parent 8 years ago with my first and here are just a few reasons that helped me come to this conclusion. Timid delivery: When my twins were born, I was almost afraid of upsetting the doctors and nurses. I didn’t assert my