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15 Ways to Use a Swaddle Blanket
April 17, 2019 7:00 am | by
15 Ways to Use a Swaddle Blanket

The Multi-Tool of Parenting

If I were to choose one must-have baby item, I think I would choose a swaddle blanket. I’m still loving swaddle blankets. They are like the swiss army knife of parenting tools- and my youngest child just turned 11. There is something about that beautiful woven fabric. Stella, my youngest, loved to be swaddled – constantly. I used to jest that it was because of the egg rolls and burritos I craved while I was pregnant.  My current obsession is our Genius series Swaddle Blankets.  These are MY colors.  I can never quite decide which one is my favorite.  Love is so bright and happy, but I find I wear a lot that goes with the mirror blanket.  The sassy is so me, sassy and just brightens my day.

You might be thinking- why do I need another blanket?

Swaddle blankets have so many uses.

1. Scarf

They are cotton and lightweight- so good even going into warm weather. I like the bandana fold the best. I love the story of the mom who got to work and realized her baby had spit up on her shoulder and she had nothing to clean or cover it with. She looked in the back seat and there was a beautiful swaddle blanket that became a scarf for mama that day. The spit up was hidden and problem solved!

2. Shawl

Going into warm months- do you go shopping or possibly work or church in a place that is so cold. Throw that swaddle blanket over your shoulders and use it as a shawl!

3. Sarong

While at the pool, you have to hop out to help your toddler. Quickly tie it around your waist to help cover up.

4. Shopping Cart cover

Talk about a versatile baby item! No need to have a specific grocery cart cover. Just drape part of the swaddle blanket over the handles and scooch fabric to the sides so baby can safely fit in.

5. Nursing cover

I rarely used one when my babies were little, but they are very commonly used now. Drape one corner over your shoulder and baby can privately nurse. Muslin swaddle blankets are lightweight enough to not make mama or baby hot.

6. Cape

Hello, dress up. That same tie for mama to use as a cover-up can be used by your little one to play dress up.  Tie the ends and help your little super hero’s creativity take off. I particularly think of the Sassy blanket for this one.

7. Stroller cover

An umbrella on a stroller is so helpful- except when it’s just not big enough. A swaddle blanket draped over a sleeping baby gives them a little more quiet and protects their skin from rain and sun beyond the stroller sun shade. Just make sure it doesn’t get too hot under there.

8. Changing pad

Have you ever ended up in the public bathroom and realized you did not have a changing pad to lay your baby down on? What exactly is on that changing table that folds out from the wall and when was it last washed? Throw down your swaddle blanket and your baby can be changed in a clean area. Or even the back seat of your car. You don’t want your seats to get soiled- so much easier to wash a swaddle blanket than seats of any car!

9. Gift Wrap

What a beautiful and eco-friendly way to give a gift. Wrap your gift in another gift- a swaddle blanket. Your friends and family will think you are a genius.

10. Tablecloth

Perfect for the typical square folding table. You could even layer the blankets for an even more chic look. Also always ready for an impromptu picnic or place to sit on the grass in your yard or the park so you don’t get itchy.

11. DIY doll sling

Your toddler/little one sees you wearing your baby and they want to wear their babies too. Tie one corner and show them how to wear their baby, just like mom and dad.

12. Line your child’s Easter Basket

SO much nicer than that plastic or paper fake grass that just gets thrown away.  I love the idea of a swaddle blanket lined basket.

13.Head Scarf

In 2015, I had breast cancer. These were just the perfect, lightweight fabric to wear as head scarves. Protect your head from the sun and keep your head cool with the cotton.

14. Dry your glassware

When your children are all grown and you have moved on to more grown-up activities- nothing dries glass wear quite like woven swaddle blanket. It makes your glasses sparkle! Muslin is so absorbent. It’s not only great for cleaning up spit up!

15. Diaper!

And of course- you can always use it, in an emergency, as a diaper. It sounds sad, but a swaddle cloth diaper is so much better than no diaper. Anything absorbent can be a diaper.

So be a genius and always keep a swaddle blanket (or three) handy for all your family’s needs.

Swaddle blankets are for MUCH for than swaddling babies. Check out 15 ways to use a swaddle blanket. #GeniusSeries #CottonBabies

About the Author

Natalie is a mother to 6 children, all of whom she cloth diapered. Natalie and her family enjoy watching storms and watching competing against each other while watching Jeopardy together. Natalie and her husband live with their 6 children in St. Louis Mo. She has worked at Cotton Babies since 2018.


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