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My Journey to Discovering MilkDaze Nursing Pads
May 26, 2022 9:00 am | by
milkdaze nursing pads

When I had my first baby, I was definitely learning everything as I went. Breast pads weren’t even on my radar before my first son was born. He surprised us by coming two weeks early and although I had everything I needed for labor and the baby, I was missing things I needed for myself. Thankfully my sweet sister offered to run out for anything I overlooked – one of which was a pack of disposable nursing pads.

My First Baby: Disposable Nursing Pads

My milk came in pretty quickly, so I was grateful to have them on hand. I quickly discovered that I’m what you might call a “super user of nursing pads” due to oversupply and forceful letdown. As a result, I was through that pack of disposable pads in no time, and the scratchy interior was not exactly comfortable against tender, raw skin.

I proceeded to throw away money, trying different kinds of disposable pads to find a style I liked, but they were either too scratchy, not absorbent enough, too big, too lumpy or too loud. Really. Nobody needs to be able to hear their breast pads when they move!

My Second Baby: Tested Cloth Nursing Pads

When my daughter was born, I was much more prepared. This time, I decided to give cloth a try. I tested a couple different cloth nursing pads (reusable nursing pads) including Medela and Dr. Browns, but found them itchy and not at all discreet. Unless I was wearing a thick sweater, they were total headlights.

I also tried bamboo pads which were more absorbent, so they lasted longer through each use, but were still totally obvious under clothing. I even tried out LilyPadz, a silicone nursing pad designed to prevent leaking. They were invisible under clothes, but I found perspiration caused them to come unstuck so they wouldn’t stay in place when It was warm during the summer months. It was hard to get them clean enough to prevent odor. Yuck.

My Third Baby: I Discovered MilkDaze!

Before the birth of my third baby, I started working at Cotton Babies and was introduced to MilkDaze. They were unlike any other breast pads I had seen. While working on packaging for the brand, I learned that the teardrop shape was designed to tuck under the breast to keep the pads in place, but the bigger selling point for me was that they wouldn’t show under clothing. So, upon finding out I was pregnant again, I promptly added a pack to my registry.

TRUTH: MilkDaze Nursing Pads don’t show through clothing!

I have to admit – After my experience with other cloth brands,  I was actually skeptical that the MilkDaze wouldn’t show. Until this point, I had yet to find a cloth version that was as discreet as advertised, but I was eager to give them a try. To my pleasant surprise, not only did they not show AT ALL, but they also stayed in place – right where I needed them!

TRUTH: MilkDaze Nursing Pads stay put… even while breastfeeding!

The MilkDaze Nursing Pads are made to tuck under the breasts to hold in place throughout the day. However, because I wasn’t “blessed” with enough weight to hold them in place, I simply tucked the bottom tab of the pad into the band of my bra to keep them snug.

I found that the benefit of this technique is the ability to keep them from falling out of the bra or nursing tank while I’m breastfeeding or pumping. Some nursing tanks, however, are designed with a mesh pocket in the front panel with a cut out where you can tuck your breast pads. This type of tops prevents me from tucking the tab into the lower band. In that case, I simply point the tab down, angled in toward the middle and allow the pocket to do the work of keeping them in place.

SUGGESTION: Buy 2 packages (6 pair) to really feel like you have enough.

I started with a single pack of MilkDaze Nursing Pads, which comes with three pairs. In the beginning, I found myself using a pair or two during the day and another at night, so I decided it would be helpful to get a second pack. (I’m pretty sure that’s more than average – as I mentioned, I’m a super-user. 😉

As my supply has evened out, I’ve been able to get by with one pair per day. I simply throw them in with the baby’s laundry at the end of the day because I’ve found that it gets done more frequently than my own. I prefer a fresh set daily.

THANKFULLY: The third time’s a charm!

Truly, the third time really is a charm! I’ve been exclusively breastfeeding my son for the past five months and intend to keep going for quite some time. I’m so glad I finally found nursing pads that work really well for me. If you’re still on the hunt for nursing pads that work for you, I definitely recommend MilkDaze over any other kind I’ve tried.

Reusable breast pads that actually stay in place! Read more about MilkDaze. #Cottonbabies

About the Author

Kristen is a designer, illustrator and working mom of three spirited kiddos, Henry, Mariella and new baby Nolan. She loves gardening, typography and children’s books. She can often be found in the kitchen with her aspiring, little chefs, cooking up ideas for dinnertime or plotting their next adventure. Kristen has been on staff at Cotton Babies for almost two years and in recent months, has brought her youngest to the office with her.


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