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Cloth Diaper Washing Instructions with FREE Printable
September 10, 2017 8:00 am | by
Printable Washing Instructions

Washing cloth diapers is one of the biggest challenges with selling someone on the idea of using cloth diapers. We promise, it’s not that hard, and the advantages far outweigh the challenges for most.

Once you get your cloth diaper washing routine nailed down, you’ll probably want to stick to it and ensure anyone washing your diapers follows the same instructions. Whether it’s your spouse, nanny, the grandparents, a visitor, or even a friendly reminder for yourself, you can all easily follow the instructions with this handy printable.

We’ve made it easy for you. Fill in your detergent choice, amount, and other details so anyone can help out with cloth diaper laundry. You’ll feel better knowing they did it the right way! DOWNLOAD NOW and we’ll send you a printable for washing cloth diapers.

When do you wash your cloth diapers?

When they’re dirty! 😉
We surveyed a group of parents in our Facebook group, the Mob. We asked what time of day they typically wash diapers. While many wash at night, most families do not have a set time. They wash diapers whenever they get a break in their schedule or run out of clean ones.
For our recommended washing tips, please click here.Happy washing cloth diapers! Questions? Give us a call at 314-892-1855 or email us at

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