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Tag Archive: washing cloth diapers

Cloth Diaper Washing Instructions with FREE Printable
September 10, 2017 8:00 am | by
Printable Washing Instructions

Washing cloth diapers is one of the biggest challenges with selling someone on the idea of using cloth diapers. We promise, it’s not that hard, and the advantages far outweigh the challenges for most. Once you get your cloth diaper washing routine nailed down, you’ll probably want to stick to it and ensure anyone washing your diapers follows the same instructions. Whether it’s your spouse, nanny, the grandparents, a visitor, or even a friendly reminder for yourself, you can all easily follow the instructions with this handy printable. We’ve made it easy for you. Fill in your detergent choice, amount,

Review: BumGenius Liquid Laundry Detergent
August 27, 2015 7:52 pm | by

If bumGenius laundry detergent had a #1 fan, it would be me. When I first started cloth diapering,I didn’t think it was necessary to use laundry detergent that was formulated for cloth diapers. Instead, I just used my homemade version. As a result, I would get so frustrated by the constant cloth diaper leaks. Then, I used a store-bought laundry soap, thinking it would help with the leaks. It didn’t. At that point, I educated myself on how to properly wash cloth diapers and found that cloth diaper detergent wasn’t just a marketing technique. Since these detergents are free of the additives that often clog

Cloth 101: How to Wash Cloth Diapers in a Laundromat
September 28, 2014 11:02 am | by
Prepping Cloth Diapers

Washing cloth diapers varies greatly for every family. Some people wash their cloth diapers in their home and others wash in a laundromat. Some people use a high efficiency machine and others prefer a top loader. But, no matter how you choose to wash your diapers, there’s still a way to get the job done. Here is a simple, affordable wash routine you can use to clean your diaper diapers in a laundromat: Wash the load one entire cycle using the amount of detergent recommended for a heavily soiled load (see back of detergent bottle). Wash the load again one entire

Cloth 101: Washing Cloth Diapers, A Look at the Last 10 Years
May 18, 2014 11:12 am | by

I recently read a post in a forum from a cloth diapering mom complaining that her cloth diapers weren’t clean.  Her friend had told her to use a sprinkle of detergent when washing her cloth diapers.  She was frustrated because the amount of detergent she was using wasn’t working.  As I read the responses, I realized that many of the people writing had profiles that were relatively new and were probably unaware of the history of washing recommendations in the cloth diaper industry.  This post grew out of a desire to bring some clarity to that history. The “tiny little