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MilkDaze Nursing Jewelry: A Fashionable Solution for the Nursing Mom
May 17, 2017 8:00 am | by

Dear nursing mom with spit up down your back, unkempt hair, and no earrings for fear of having your piercings stretched out beyond repair:

I have been there.

I know exactly what it feels like to feel like to be a hot mess leaving my house. I too have felt frustrated and self-conscious while my baby pulls up on my shirt and down on my necklace while I’m trying to nurse her in public.

Most of the time, I look like some castaway who can’t manage to stay put together while feeding her kid. It’s hard enough to find a cute diaper bag or reasonably fashionable clothes. Forget about accessorizing!

Enter MilkDaze nursing jewelry. MilkDaze makes necklaces and bangles that are both a perfect mama accessory and a great tool and toy for babies.

Nursing a baby with the Milk Daze nursing necklace


Pretty Jewelry Options for Breastfeeding Moms

MilkDaze jewelry is a classy compliment to any outfit. Necklaces and bracelets come in your choice of style and color, so you can pick a set that fits your personal vibe. The jewelry comes with beautiful lines and shapes that can make a bold statement, but is offered in neutral colors so you can make it work with anything!

Whether I’m headed to work, mom’s group, or the grocery store, knowing that I can throw on something simple and pretty makes life just that much nicer.

Practical Accessories for Mom and Baby

Nursing and/or teething jewelry is meant to be chewed on, pulled on, and played with by little ones with busy hands.

We all know that nursing babies like to grab whatever they can get their hands on during feeding, and sometimes this can lead to embarrassing or painful moments. (Did I mention that I have a baby with a belly button obsession?) Solution: Let them play with the nursing necklace or bangle while eating, and they no longer tug at your shirt, nursing cover—or your belly button.

Nursing a baby with the Milk Daze nursing necklace

Teething babies can also find great comfort in being allowed to gnaw on something. MilkDaze nursing jewelry is made of 100% silicone, so its flexible surface is safe, soft, and easy to clean. These pieces are a wonderful way to help soothe baby’s sore gums!

Even if your baby is not teething or nursing, these necklaces and bracelets still offer a jewelry option that moms can wear around their babies with peace of mind.

Nursing a baby with the Milk Daze nursing necklace

Baby Safe for Little Ones!

You may be wondering if it’s okay to let a baby chew and pull on any kind of jewelry – especially ones comprised of multiple beads! MilkDaze jewelry offers several features to ensure safety for both mom and baby:

• Made of 100% silicone
• Free of BPA, PVC, and phthalates
• Contains no lead, cadmium, or heavy metals
• Necklaces are made with a breakaway clasp that releases when pulled
• Threaded with strong cord & knotted between every bead
• Easy to clean

One other great thing about MilkDaze is that their products are made with safe labor standards and fair wages. That’s a win/win for everyone!

If you’re looking for a fashionable, comfortable, pretty, and practical piece of jewelry that can help your baby too, look no further. MilkDaze nursing jewelry may just be the right answer for you!

Nursing a baby with the Milk Daze nursing necklace

About the Author

Abigail is an aspiring homesteader, homeschooler, and music-maker. She lives with her husband and three children on her acre-and a half homestead in scenic Pennsylvania. You can visit her blog about living the homegrown life (and seeking contentment while doing it) at They’re Not Our Goats.


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