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New Genius Series: Mid-Century print
October 11, 2017 10:35 am | by
Mid-Century print

We’re so excited to reveal our latest addition to the Genius Series: our new Mid-Century print! Great ideas are often built by groups of people who work together to advance an entire field of study. This print, featured in bumGenius and Flip lines, recognizes the many contributors to the “Mid-Century” modern design period.

Get your eye on design

Our Mid-Century print is a bold, geometric design featuring simple lines and graphic elements. From the 1930s to the mid-1960s, Mid-Century artists from all over the world affected everything from advertising, architecture and urban design to furniture and product design. Mid-Century design thoughtfully emphasizes a balance of form and function to best meet the needs of its users. Block out a spot in your cloth diaper collection with Mid-Century now.

Genius Series Mid-Century Print is available now!

Shop Mid-Century in your favorite cloth diaper styles and accessories.

  • bumGenius Freetime
  • bumGenius Original 5.0 pocket diaper
  • bumGenius Elemental (E3)
  • bumGenius Big
  • bumGenius Bigger
  • Flip Cloth Diaper Cover
  • Flip Trainer Shell
  • bumGenius Mini wet bag
  • bumGenius Outing wet bag
  • bumGenius Weekender wet bag
  • bumGenius Pail Liner
  • NEW bumGenius Bandana Bibs

Behind the Scenes

Thoughts from our designer who created the Mid-Century print

Mid-Century design has inspired my work and life since my first exposure in an art history course while in design school. I’m fascinated by the clean lines, bold colors and timeless simplicity, which I frequently reflect in my work. Mid-Century design is present throughout my home. My wife and I enjoy scouring thrift stores, Craigslist and vintage shops for furniture and collectibles. I’m so inspired by this design movement that I wanted to name our son after a favorite designer of the era, but wasn’t able to convince my wife!

When I set out working on this print, I started by choosing a simple and streamlined color palette reflective of the era while closely resembling the primary colors (plus black and white). From there, I created a few bold yet basic patterns and began incorporating larger letterforms (a common trend made popular in Mid-Century graphic design). For those of you wondering, I chose the “E” because it’s the first letter of my last name as well as the first letter of my son’s first name (expect a picture of him sitting in our Eames chair in his new Mid-Century diaper soon). The number “2” was featured because this is my second print to the Genius Series. These were fun ways for me to sneak my “signature” into the print. Next, I illustrated some of my favorite iconic pieces and worked everything into a grid. My favorite element is the wood grain illustration. I hope this new print is as fun for you as it was for me to create it!– Danny Elchert

Redecorate your cloth diaper set with Mid-Century!

About the Author

Libby is the marketing director for Cotton Babies. She's an obsessed auntie to three super fun kids. She loves coffee, chocolate, and singing Broadway show tunes.


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