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How to Stay Cool While Pregnant
July 25, 2012 10:40 am | by

It’s summer. It’s supposed to be hot. But every summer seems like it’s hotter than the summer before, especially if you’re hugely pregnant. My daughter was born in September, so I experienced a full hot pregnant summer, and my son was just born in June. (Apparently I like weighing an extra 35 pounds while it’s 100 degrees out.) When it’s this hot out, it’s important to stay cool not just for your comfort, but for your health.

Drink LOTS of water. If you already drink a ton of water, that’s great. Drink more. This is so incredibly important, especially when you’re pregnant. Water will help your body stay cool by providing the fluid necessary to sweat. The evaporation of sweat is the body’s way of maintaining its temperature. Plus, drinking a cold glass of water just feels good on a hot hot day.

Air conditioning is your best friend. Now is not a great time to have long outdoor excursions. I’m not saying to stay inside all day every day, but air conditioning was invented for a very good reason: so pregnant women didn’t go on heat-induced killing sprees. Take advantage whenever possible and lament for the poor women who had to be with child before AC existed.

Go swimming. When it’s time to go out into the world, hit the beach or make friends with someone who has a pool. Nothing beats jumping into the cool water to take the edge off a steamy day. And if you’re brave, rock a bikini with that baby belly.

Take off your pants. Classy? No. Cooling? Yes. When I was pregnant with Vicki, I used to come home, strip down to my bra and underwear, and aim a fan at me on the couch. (Obviously only when we didn’t have company over.) I even drove home in my undershirt on a particularly hot day when my car’s AC wasn’t working. You gotta do what you gotta do to stay cool.

Wear whatever is comfortable. Now is the best time ever to stretch the dress code and wear the most cool and comfortable items in your closet. Skirts are a lot cooler than wearing pants and are still formal enough for the office. I wore flip flops for the last 3 months of both pregnancies, partly to keep from melting, and partly because they were the only shoes that fit.

What are you doing to keep cool (whether you’re pregnant or not) on these sweltering summer days?

About the Author

Jessica von Wallenstein is a stay at home mom who chronicles her parenting adventures at She has three children and is buried in cloth diapers.


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