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Real Mom Talk: Twins are AWESOME
May 12, 2014 12:28 pm | by

 “Double the trouble!” 

“You’ve got your hands full!” 

“I could never do that!” 

“Why do you look so tired all the time?” 

Those are just a few common things a mom of twins hears.

Raising twins is a lot of work, but no one wants to tell you the wonderful, outweighing benefits of two at a time.  It is absolutely thrilling and wonderful, and here is why…

  1. Everyone wants to tell you it is double the work.  It is not double the work.  If we are getting technical it is maybe 1.25x more work.  Think about it; your baby’s diaper is dirty so you get out all of your supplies and change the diaper, so why not change another while you’re at it?  You have to bathe one kid, so you stick the other kid in the tub and bathe them together. 
  2. Potty training is a breeze.  They did it on the same day.  They just sat on their potties together and talked – easy peasy!  At least with girls, they are talkers. 
  3. Actually everything is a breeze.  They see the other one do things and copy them.  It’s like monkey see, monkey do.  So they actually crawled, walked, and talked on the same day.
  4. They have their best friend with them wherever they go – babysitters house, awkward family functions with no other kids, on the bus and in the classroom on the first day of school.  (Our twins are still in the same class.  Next year we will separate them *gulp*.  I’ll let you know how that goes.
  5. They entertain each other.  I didn’t realize moms played pretend with their kids until I saw my friends doing it.  I never had to.  Sometimes I would join their tea party but they never needed me to start anything.  They would wake up playing and pretending together.
  6. If you nurse twins, you lose your baby weight so fast; then you keep losing.  You burn like 1,000 calories a day – hello chocolate cake!
  7. Twins are so popular.  Everyone wants to talk to you about your twins.  We would get asked questions while we were chewing our food at a restaurant.  They are just adorable, no one could help themselves.  I don’t blame them.
  8. Twins are the best sleepers.  They learn how to sleep through their sister’s crying, whining, laughing or whatever.  This will come in handy during college if they have noisy roommates.
  9. Twins are patient.  You can’t do everything at once.  You can only feed, change, bounce, burp, tickle one at a time.  So the other twin is always learning to wait.  They have to learn how to go with the flow.
  10. It is very neat to watch twins interact.  They understand each other differently than most siblings do.  It is hard to explain but they are connected almost.  Like before they could talk they had a special language to communicate with each other.  They are always very aware of the other one.  When one gets hurt, the other one will have sympathy pains – it’s like she can feel it.  Their emotional connection is so sweet to get to watch.

I survived two at a time and I would do it again!  Every day is an adventure, and an opportunity to laugh and enjoy life with your two bundles of joy and energy.  Instead of double the trouble, it really is double the fun!

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