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Warehouse Roulette
February 1, 2012 5:12 pm | by
Hi. I’m Jimmy (@jimmylabit), Jenn’s (@jenniferlabit, Jennifer Labit, Jenn Labit) other half. I’ve been buggered for a long time to start writing blog posts again. It only took 4 years, but I finally wrote another one last week about the almighty diaper sprayer. Now I’m being told I shouldn’t wait another 4 years to write the next blog post. So, here I am. Again.
The biggest problem with writing blog posts on a regular basis is figuring out what to write about. I have a whole story with arcs, sub-plots, intrigue, deceit, romance and sci-fi special effects about the fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator. There’s the goody two-shoes apples, the confused tomatoes, a forbidden affair between plums and carrots and you don’t want to know what the evil onions are up to. It involves lemon juice… from real lemons. 
But, since this is the Cotton Babies cloth diaper blog, I should probably stay more or less on topic’ish. So, since I get bored easily, I’ve come up with a way to keep it interesting and slightly dangerous. Our warehouse is very organized. We have locations for everything and I put those location ID’s in a hat, err, box. Every week or so, I’ll play warehouse roulette and pull a random warehouse location out of the box and go find what’s on the shelf. If I’m lucky, it will be something amazingly cool, like the 4 Moms Origami self folding stroller. If I’m not so lucky, it’ll be a diva cup or nipple shields. Either way, I’ll have to write up a post about it. Fun for you, a little scary for me and tastes like chicken.
See you next post with the first draw. 
— Jimmy
“Keep smiling, it makes everyone wonder what you’re up to.”

copyright 2012 Cotton Babies, Inc – Warehouse Roulette

About the Author

Jimmy Labit is a full-time dad and has a lot of experience with cloth diapers. He takes care of the technical side of Cotton Babies when he isn't trying to juggle four kids. He is the male voice of Beyond The Diaper and brings a unique and quirky sense of humor to our blog.



  • Maebh said...
    February 3, 2012 at 5:45 pm

    I look forward to reading your diva cup blog posts…

  • Heather said...
    February 1, 2012 at 6:25 pm

    Love it. Unfortunately the veggie stories have been least the kiddie version. Although yours sound entertaining! 🙂 Hope that MamaCloth or Diva cup story comes up soon! LOL