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Why Moms Need Mom Groups
April 13, 2017 8:00 am | by

Having a baby is such a beautiful time. There are so many wonderful things that come along when you bring home a new baby– first bath, first time they sleep through the night, first major diaper blowout. One of the most important things to have after your baby is born is support. Whether it be emotional, physical or financial, postpartum mamas need a little extra attention.

Sometimes it’s easy and just stopping in with a dinner or cup of coffee and some comforting words is enough. Other times a mama needs a little more to help her in the fourth trimester – the period after the baby has been born. One of the easiest ways to help provide for a new mama after birth is to invite her to a mamas group.

If you are lucky enough to have a local group of mama friends then face to face meet ups would be best. You can laugh and cry and bond over new motherhood’s up and downs. If you live far away from any other mama or just can’t make it out, an online mamas group is the next best thing. I’ll share some of the benefits and how to start your own mama group.

Some of the benefits of having a go to group of mamas are –

  • Emotional support – when you surround yourself with mamas who have also recently just had babies they are more likely to understand your emotional situation. The mood swings, the fatigue, the post baby hair growth. A group of new moms will easily be able to show support of new motherhood and the emotional rollercoaster. Just knowing that what you are experiencing is normal is calming for most mothers.
  • Safe place – when starting a mamas group make sure that everyone knows they can ask any question they want. Make it a safe place for mamas by asking your own questions and offering advice to others when needed. Make it a point to check in on new moms every couple of days to make sure they are getting the hang of breastfeeding, sleep schedules and adjusting to motherhood. Having someone to talk to helps with postpartum depression as well.
  • Easy to connect – new moms don’t keep the same schedule as other people so it’s nice to have a group you can go to at all hours. Worried about your babies poo at 2 am? Ask away! Someone is likely to be awake or will be soon to answer your question. Having a group allows other mamas to share what has worked best for them and can give seasoned advice.

Wondering how to start a moms group? It’s easy! Here are some ways to create your own:

  1. Start a private Facebook group like the Cotton Babies Mob and invite all your mama friends
  2. Start a private message with all your mama friends
  3. Text message or group messaging apps work great as well
  4. If you are tech savvy you can even create a moms sharing forum

It’s your choice on how to create a moms group but the most important thing is to have an policy that allows for questions without judgment. Bottle fed, breastfed, cloth diapered, disposable diapers, working moms, stay at home moms – all want the same thing – happy and healthy baby and mama!

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