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Manual Breast Pump Review: Medela Harmony
January 15, 2018 3:25 pm | by
Medela Harmony Breast Pump Review

Are you looking for a manual breast pump? The Medela Harmony is a great, affordable option that allows you to express breastmilk for baby to take a bottle.

Medela Harmony Features

There are several reasons you may prefer to use a manual breast pump instead of an electric.

  1. Price. A manual pump will be less expensive than an electric pump. Make sure you check with your insurance company to see if they will cover the cost of a breast pump.
  2. Portable. A manual breast pump can go anywhere with you. The Medela Harmony is small enough to fit in your purse or diaper bag. It’s also lightweight.
  3. No power needed. A manual breast pump does not require an outlet, which is helpful if you need to pump while in the car or at an event you may not have access to electricity. It can also be great as a backup in case of an emergency.
  4. Quiet. There’s no noisy motor whirling along. No one will know you are pumping. This is helpful if you need to pump while on a conference call.
  5. Easy. The Medela Harmony is easy enough to use one-handed thanks to the ergonomically designed swivel handle. That frees you up to do whatever you need to get done.
  6. Compatible. One of the most popular breast pumps out there is the Medela Pump In Style. One of the great things about the Medela Harmony is that the pieces are compatible with the Pump In Style connectors, shields and bottles.
  7. Efficient. Medela makes wonderful breast pumps and even the Harmony has 2-Phase Expression that helps you get a letdown by having a stimulation phase and expression phase. Basically, Medela breast pumps work more like breastfeeding babies by sucking fast and light to get milk blowing and with slower, deeper sucks once the milk starts flowing.
  8. Comfortable. Some moms prefer a manual pump because they are in control of the speed and suction.

Real Mom Story

With my first child, I used a Pump In Style Advanced while I was at work. If I was going to be somewhere I couldn’t guarantee an outlet (i.e. a baseball game), I used my Harmony instead. It takes up less space and could fit in my purse, which was very convenient. It’s also quieter than an electric pump, which is great if you don’t want someone to know you are pumping. I also preferred the Harmony for late night pumping sessions when my baby started sleeping longer stretches. I’d rather use a manual pump over connecting everything to my electric pump. Plus, the Harmony has fewer parts to wash. I also like to be prepared for the worst, and I felt better having this pump in the event of a power outage. I’d definitely recommend this pump!

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