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Review: Bravado Original Nursing Bra
June 19, 2014 7:15 pm | by

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 8.14.41 PMAs a mom of 3 kids (all of whom I have nursed past 12 months), I have had my share of lousy nursing bras. I buy a new one only to wear it only a month or two because it stretches out, warps, or no longer fits. In my opinion, comfort is KEY when it comes to a nursing bra (or any bra for that matter)! So when I saw that the Original Bravado markets itself as a comfortable bra for a nursing mom’s changing body, I was definitely interested! And this bra is absolutely comfortable for three main reasons:

  • The wide no-wire band offers plenty of support and is very soft. It does not ride up or shift out of place. This is important no matter what, especially for an active mom! The last thing I need to be doing is tugging my bra into place every 10 minutes just because I bent over to pick something (or someone) up.
  • Racerback straps: Maybe I’m susceptible to ill-fitting bras, but the straps on several of my nursing bras will slide loose and slip off my shoulders, even if I have them tightened all the way. The racerback style means that the straps stay in place ALL DAY, even if my posture isn’t perfect (which is always).
  • The bra is 95% cotton, which has multiple advantages: I can throw it in the washing machine and not really worry that it will lose its shape. It’s durable, soft, and stretchy, and accommodates the size fluctuations that we nursing moms experience throughout the days, weeks, and months that we are breastfeeding. And it’s great as a sleeping bra, keeping everything in place and supported throughout the night.

The Bravado Original Nursing Bra also comes with a cool conversion kit to switch it from a nursing bra to a regular bra, once you no longer need a nursing bra. The obvious advantage to this is that the bra will extend beyond the days, weeks, or months that you choose to nurse, giving you a lot of bang for your buck!

The downside (which may not be a problem for everyone) is that it is a very basic-looking bra: no details, no lace, absolutely no sexiness factor. The bra looks and feels very similar to a sports bra, and appearance-wise gives me the dreaded “pressed-breast” look. I also find that I’m limited in what shirts I can wear because it sits up high on my chest. So I can wear a regular t-shirt or small crew-neck, but a V-neck or lower-cut shirt would definitely not work. Despite its utilitarian look, the comfort and support that this bra offers makes it a winner to me! Bravado also offers v-shaped bras, which would probably provide a more flattering look, offering the best of both worlds!

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Francesca Abernathy is a mother of three children and loves to cook, bake, and jog. She works outside of the home but dreams of the day she can sit on her couch, watch Dr. Oz, and eat Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups from 8:00-5:00. She lives with her saint of a husband in St. Louis, Mo.


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