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Sili Squeeze
May 3, 2013 4:00 pm | by

If you love making food for your baby or toddler at home, but love the convenience of a single serve food pouch, have we got the product for you!

We’re pleased to add the Sili Squeeze to our lineup of innovative feeding items for your little one you can find on the shelves of Cotton Babies. The Sili Squeeze is not a bottle! It is a reusable, silicone food pouch that you can fill with homemade baby food, smoothies, yogurt, applesauce or other squeezable foods your toddler enjoys.

The BPA- PVC- and Phthalate- free four easy-to-assemble components can be safely cleaned in the top rack of your dishwasher. The eco-friendly contemporary design suits any lifestyle and promotes a more economical approach to feeding your little one healthy, nutritious snacks and meals on-the-go! Know exactly what is in your child’s food because you’re the one filling the pouch!

Sili Squeeze features include:
  • Detachable, clear, plastic cap that offers leak-proof protection over the nipple spout while storing your Sili Squeeze.
  • Silicone nipple with built-in plastic base attaches smoothly to the Sili Squeeze ‘home’ ring, locking in place, completing the squeeze-controlled/spill-proof, patent pending design.
  • Silicone body is soft, easy-to-squeeze and easy-to-clean due to the naturally non-stick quality of the silicone. The wide opening makes it easy to fill with your homemade purees and smoothies.
The Sili Squeeze is available in a 4 oz size, in your choice of Apple Red or Reef Blue colors. You can find this and other great products that have recently been added to our catalog in the What’s New category of or in our local stores.

About the Author

Heather is mom to four, born within 40 months (single, twins, single). She writes transparently about her chaotic household to encourage others through the twists and turns of parenting.


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