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Why I Love Breastfeeding My Baby
October 25, 2016 4:21 pm | by

Why I Love Breastfeeding My BabyWhen I became pregnant with my first baby, I thought I had everything planned out. I wanted to cloth diaper, wear my baby and breastfeed for at least the first six months. I hadn’t been around breastfeeding mothers before I had my daughter, but I figured it would be easy. After all, it was natural, right? Little did I realize… babies don’t necessarily follow your plans and unfortunately, breastfeeding my baby wasn’t going to be as easy as I expected.

With my girls, I had some difficulties. I dealt with cracked nipples, low supply, and a baby with horrible reflux. Our breastfeeding relationships lasted a maximum of six weeks. I was happy with how long I breastfed them, but I still wanted to someday meet my goal of at least six months with one of my babies.

Before Jackson was born, I prepared myself with more knowledge and a good support system. I was determined to not let history repeat itself. I wanted to have a stronger breastfeeding bond with my new baby – so much so, that I extended my goal from six months to one year. I armed myself with products to increase my chances of a successful breastfeeding journey, including nursing pads, nipple cream, and nursing bras. I was going to make it this time.

Well, I am proud to say we are now 11 months and two weeks into our breastfeeding relationship – SO close to my goal, and no sign of weaning yet! Jackson is a mama’s boy, and we have an amazing bond. Breastfeeding my baby has been such a positive experience this time around – something I needed after feeling so discouraged after my breastfeeding experience with my girls.

So why do I love breastfeeding my baby?

It’s convenient. Whether we’re at home or out and about, I always have breastfeeding to fall back on when Jackson gets cranky, hungry or tired. It works every time.

It creates a bond between me and my baby. Those moments of looking down and meeting eyes with your little one is an unforgettable feeling. I love every moment of it. 

It’s natural and healthy for my baby. It’s such a good feeling to know that my baby is getting the nutrients he needs through my breast milk. 

Breast milk is phenomenal. It has the power to treat diaper rash, skin irritations, help infections, and much more. It’s amazing! 

It makes cloth diapering easy. Believe it or not, breast milk poop doesn’t smell too bad or need to be rinsed off cloth diapers before washing. That’s right! Exclusively breastfed babies’ poop is water soluble, so once baby dirties the cloth diaper, simply toss it in the washer and you’re good to go. 

I’m setting a good example for my girls. I’m showing my daughters what breasts were created to do instead of sexualizing them like society. 

It’s healthy for ME! Not only is breastfeeding healthy for baby, but me too! By breastfeeding my baby, I’m helping to reduce my risk of breast cancer.

It makes me feel good about myself. After feeling discouraged in my breastfeeding journey with my girls, I now feel like I can accomplish anything I put my whole heart into. 

It gives me confidence. Breastfeeding my baby has given me a sense of self-confidence that I had lost many years ago. I love the feeling like I can give my baby what he needs!

Tell me in the comments below why you love breastfeeding your baby!

About the Author

Amanda is a stay-at-home mom of three who keep her on her toes! Her family resides in Columbus, Ohio — the Buckeye state! She ventured into cloth diapering a little "late," but is a firm believer in "better late than never!" Amanda enjoys her morning coffee, spending time with her littles, buying too many cloth diapers, much-needed pedicures and the rare date night with her husband. Get to know Amanda on her personal blog, Fluff Bum Babies. Instagram: @FluffBumBabiesMama


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