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Real Mom Talk: Teething Toddlers
September 29, 2014 7:54 pm | by

A teething toddler can be just as tough to handle as a teething baby. Those first and second year molars can be a real bother for your energetic little and a stressful time for mama as well. Today, I’m sharing a few helpful tips that have done wonders for my (almost) two year old. f0962bbed817d5113d528cb87a3a5f46

So, what are the most common teething symptoms in toddlers? Some of the most common teething symptoms include:

  • refusal to eat
  • biting
  • swollen gums, sensitive gums
  • drooling 
  • disrupted sleep
  • irritable 

Teething Remedies

Teething Toys – The Jellystone jChews are perfect for teething toddlers. They are strong enough for your little one not to bite through and soothe sore gums. Another favorite of ours is the Boon Gnaw Multipurpose Teether

Homeopathic Teething Relief – Out of everything I have tried for medicated teething relief, Camilia has by far been the most effective. Within minutes of giving this to my little guy he is relieved of pain and back to his perky little self. Camilia is quick and safe! 

Cold Foods – I always offer cold foods to my little one when he is teething. Our favorites have been the yogurt tubes, cucumbers, celery, popsicles, and seedless watermelon. These foods are cold and soft consistency, perfect for swollen gums. They are all freezer friendly as well. 

Frozen Washcloth – If it’s late in the night or you don’t want to give your little one anything edible, a frozen washcloth will do the trick. Simply wet the cloth and stick it in your freezer until it gets hard. This will provide almost instant relief for your little one. 

Amber Teething Necklace – Amber teething necklaces are a must in my book. These will make the whole teething process so much smoother. I didn’t start using one with my little guy until after he was a year old and now I ask myself what took me so long to invest in one. They are all natural, require no medication, and are effective. Definitely a must have! 

Rash Creams – With teething and heavy drooling usually comes a sensitive red rash around your little ones chin, lips, and cheeks. Cleaning the area with a soft cool cloth (try bumGenius Flannel Wipes) and applying a gentle rash cream to prevent chafing is always a good idea. Teething and rashes are not a good combination and this will give your little one some extra relief during the process. 

Chewbeads are a fashionable accessory for mom and a teething toy for baby. Crafted from safe, 100% silicone beads, similar to that used to make nipples and pacifiers, Chewbeads are free of harmful substances like BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead, and metals. All Chewbeads can be easily cleaned with soap and water and are dishwasher safe. Find Chewbeads in bright, cheerful braceletsnecklaces and toys.

I hope you all find these tips and tricks helpful for when your little one is teething! What tips or remedies do you use with your children? 

About the Author

Emily is a Midwest native currently residing in North Dakota with her husband who is active duty in the United States Marine Corps and their sweet boy Asher Jude. She currently is a stay at home mama due to her husbands busy military schedule. She enjoys crafting, shopping, and of course blogging on her personal blog Everything Emily. Emily's little guy is the light of her life and she loves sharing tips, tricks, and life experiences with other mamas. Instagram: @emilyloeffelman


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