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Review: Lifefactory Glass Storage Containers
October 25, 2015 8:43 am | by

Screen Shot 2015-10-24 at 10.24.48 PMPacking snacks when we go places is a must with my little guy. He’s a very energetic, growing toddler who’s always ready to eat so I pack a little something to take along anywhere we go. Plus, I don’t have to stop somewhere to grab a bite to eat or have to opt for fast food. I’ve become quite picky with what and how I pack his snacks and, after multiple incidents of plastic tubs either cracking or leaking, I knew there had to be something else out there that would work for our needs. I was a huge fan of Lifefactory Glass Bottles when my little guy was younger so I figured I would give their Glass Storage Containers a try. Here’s why we love our Life Factory Glass Storage Containers! 

DURABLE. The thing that I like most about these containers is that they are durable. I was a little hesitant and worried that the glass may break, but the containers are super thick and have a nice rubber covering to protect them. The lids are made to seal very nicely. No stale cheddar bunnies here! 

WASH WELL. Busy mama = lover of the dishwasher. These containers wash so nicely in the dishwasher. No weird white substance on the surface (like most plastic containers). No melting plastic. I am confident these containers clean/sanitize very well. 

HANDY. The Lifefactory Glass Storage containers are handy that even my husband enjoys using them to pack his lunch. They are perfect to store leftovers in, pack snacks in and they adjust well to coolers and lunch boxes. The seal-tight lid keeps water out and contents inside. Spills don’t stand a chance with these containers. 

STYLISH. Lifefactory always delivers very stylish products that not only work great, but look great as well. These containers are handy and look nice! The fun designs on the outside are functional and appealing! 

SAFE TO USE. Aside from these containers being BPA free, they also come in proportion sizes, which make packing lunches much easier. My favorite containers are the 1 cup and 2 cups. They are the ideal snack sizes for my little guy to use and they fit nicely into his little backpack. I love products that are functional and safe! 

You can find these Lifefactory storage containers at Be sure to check out the fun colors and sizes available
 to fit all of your needs! 

About the Author

Emily is a Midwest native currently residing in North Dakota with her husband who is active duty in the United States Marine Corps and their sweet boy Asher Jude. She currently is a stay at home mama due to her husbands busy military schedule. She enjoys crafting, shopping, and of course blogging on her personal blog Everything Emily. Emily's little guy is the light of her life and she loves sharing tips, tricks, and life experiences with other mamas. Instagram: @emilyloeffelman


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