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Tag Archive: inserts

What to Use Under a Diaper Cover
February 12, 2020 3:33 pm | by
Choosing an insert to use inside a cloth diaper cover. #clothdiapers #Flipdiapers #ElementalJoy #Econobum #prefolds #flats

Diaper covers are an economical and easy way to use cloth diapers. Customizable – Choose the insert you prefer. Whether you prefer natural fibers or stay-dry, you can use an insert that fits your child’s needs. Reusable – Diaper covers don’t have to be changed with every diaper unless poop gets on it. Simply replace a wet insert with a clean, dry insert and put it back on baby. Less space – Keep your diaper bag more compact by using covers and inserts instead of all-in-one diapers. Dries fast – If you are air-drying your diapers, covers are the way

Thursday Giveaway: Day or Night?
October 14, 2015 9:11 pm | by

Is your little one an early bird or a night owl? Whatever they may be, you can find an insert to meet your cloth diapering needs with Flip Hybrid Diapers. Three different insert options allow parents to choose their absorbency. Flip Day Time Inserts are made with organic cotton and can be folded in a variety of ways to customize the absorbency just where you need it. The single layer creates a trim fit and dries fast after washing. Flip Night Time are made for heavy wetters and overnight cloth diapering.  These inserts are very similar to a prefold. This week’s giveaway is for

Review: Flip Organic Inserts
June 13, 2014 2:48 pm | by

I have a very extensive diaper stash full of bumGenius, Flip and other brands. I’ve got Freetimes, 4.0s, and Flips galore. However, I’ve never tried a single Flip insert. For whatever reason, I always used a prefold, flat, or made a receiving blanket into a flat. So you can imagine my surprise when I finally tried the Flip Organic Day Time Inserts. Oh my goodness. Talk about trim. If you’re trying to get away from the cloth diapered large baby bum, this is the way to go. My husband and I were actually laughing at how small her bum looked

Cloth Diaper Basics: Inserts 101
December 22, 2013 12:31 pm | by

Cloth diapers provide families with options.  From the color and closure to the type of inserts you use, you get to choose YOUR cloth diapers. With that said, the number of options can be overwhelming, so it’s important to know how each type of diaper and insert works.  This post is a quick guide to cloth diapers and inserts. The bumGenius 4.0 is a pocket style diaper, which means you need to stuff it with inserts to become absorbent.  Most parents stuff bumGenius 4.0s with bum genius Stay-Dry Inserts.  These inserts are one-size and will grow with your baby.  Just coordinate

Cloth 101: How to size your bumGenius One-Size cloth diapers
September 17, 2012 11:28 am | by

At Cotton Babies, we believe that there are no dumb questions. Sometimes it is difficult if you are new to cloth diapers to understand exactly how our bumGenius, Flip, Econobum and Elemental Joy cloth diapers and covers can fit a growing baby from birth through potty training. Each of our one size cloth diapers have three rows of snaps, three snaps in each row. This 3×3 snap down design gives each diaper a small, medium and large size setting. We have some weight guidelines to help you know which size should fit your little one. To use the small rise setting, snap